Staging Tips

Preparing your home to be market ready:
It’s time to talk staging.
So often, sellers don’t even try to stage their homes because 1) they feel like it’s too much work, 2) they don’t know how, or 3) they don’t want to hire a professional.
Thankfully, staging isn’t all or nothing.
If this is you, these DIY staging tips will truly help you overcome your staging paralysis, impress buyers, and land you top dollar for your home.
1. Clear out the excess furniture. Put it in your attic, rent a storage unit, or donate it to a local thrift store. But please, please, please, pair down the knick-knacks, poufs, ottomans, side tables, and plant stands. When if feels empty to you, you’re almost done.
2. Bare walls, windows, and countertops are your friends. Get rid of family photos and window coverings, and clear your countertops. There should be nothing (and I mean nothing) on them - no coffee maker, no candles, no fruit bowl. Nothing. (Same goes for your fridge door, too.)
3. Clean, clean, clean. Floors, closets, window sills. If there ever was a time for a deep clean, this is it. If you’re short on time, consider hiring a company that specializes in cleaning services for buyers and sellers.
We also have professionals that can come in and help you organize and stage the items in your home. We are a resource for you in preparing your home!

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