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Southern Marin | Sausalito, Tiburon/Belvedere, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Corte Madera

Just south of San Francisco, across the scenic and infamous Golden Gate bridge lies Marin County. Quaint towns, with tree-lined streets, award-winning schools, and local and popular hotspots to shop, eat, and frequent.

Sourthern Marin

Exploring the Towns of Southern Marin: Your Gateway to Coastal Elegance

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Southern Marin, where picturesque landscapes meet vibrant communities, and the California dream becomes a reality. Nestled just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, this region is a treasure trove of natural beauty, cultural riches, and a laid-back coastal lifestyle that beckons homebuyers and sellers alike. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through five charming towns that define the essence of Southern Marin County: Sausalito, Tiburon/Belvedere, Larkspur, Mill Valley, and Corte Madera.

Sausalito: Where Coastal Charms Flourish

Things to Love:

  • Breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay.
  • A thriving artistic community with galleries and studios.
  • A hub for outdoor enthusiasts with hiking and biking trails.

Lifestyle: Sausalito exudes a relaxed coastal vibe, making it the perfect retreat for artists, dreamers, and nature lovers. Its Mediterranean-style architecture and stunning waterfront homes make it a coveted spot for residents seeking a blend of beauty and tranquility.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment:

  • Explore unique boutiques and art galleries along Bridgeway.
  • Savor seafood delights at waterside restaurants like The Spinnaker.
  • Enjoy live music and nightlife at local bars and venues.

Things to Do:

  • Take a ferry ride to San Francisco for a day in the city.
  • Hike the Marin Headlands for panoramic vistas.
  • Visit the Marinship Park and its historic shipyard.

Tiburon/Belvedere: Elegance on the Peninsula

Things to Love:

  • Exclusive waterfront properties and panoramic views.
  • A close-knit community with top-rated schools.
  • Tiburon's charming downtown with boutique shopping.

Lifestyle: Tiburon and Belvedere are synonymous with luxury living. The peninsula's pristine neighborhoods and yacht clubs offer a sophisticated atmosphere, attracting families, professionals, and boating enthusiasts alike.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment:

  • Indulge in upscale dining at The Caprice.
  • Browse boutique shops at Ark Row.
  • Attend the annual Tiburon International Film Festival.

Things to Do:

  • Sail the bay waters or enjoy a leisurely ferry ride.
  • Hike the Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve.
  • Explore Old St. Hilary's Historic Preserve.

Larkspur: Where Nature and Culture Converge

Things to Love:

  • Access to lush redwood forests in Marinwood.
  • A vibrant arts and music scene.
  • The Marin Country Mart, a community gathering spot.

Lifestyle: Larkspur offers a harmonious blend of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. The town's proximity to Mt. Tamalpais provides residents with a serene escape, while its artistic community keeps the creative spirit alive.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment:

  • Explore Marinwood Plaza for shopping and dining.
  • Enjoy local bands at the Lark Theater.
  • Savor farm-to-table cuisine at Farmshop.

Things to Do:

  • Hike the lush trails of Baltimore Canyon.
  • Attend the Larkspur-Corte Madera Farmers' Market.
  • Visit the Marinwood Community Farmers' Market.

Mill Valley: Redwoods and Bohemian Charm

Things to Love:

  • Majestic redwoods in Muir Woods National Monument.
  • A thriving artistic and literary heritage.
  • A tight-knit community with excellent schools.

Lifestyle: Mill Valley's redwood-draped hillsides and bohemian spirit have long attracted creative minds and nature enthusiasts. It's a haven for those who cherish both the arts and the great outdoors.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment:

  • Explore the boutiques and cafes on Throckmorton Avenue.
  • Dine at The Depot Bookstore & Cafe.
  • Attend the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Things to Do:

  • Hike among ancient giants in Muir Woods.
  • Enjoy open-air concerts at the Mountain Theater.
  • Discover the Marinwood Plaza Shopping Center.

Corte Madera: The Suburban Oasis

Things to Love:

  • Family-friendly neighborhoods with excellent schools.
  • A vibrant shopping scene at The Village.
  • Proximity to outdoor recreation at Mount Tam.

Lifestyle: Corte Madera is a family-oriented community offering an ideal suburban lifestyle. With top-notch schools, parks, and shopping, it's a welcoming place for residents seeking a balanced life.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment:

  • Shop at The Village at Corte Madera.
  • Dine at Picco, known for its delicious pizza.
  • Enjoy community events at Town Park.

Things to Do:

  • Hike in the Cascade Canyon Open Space Preserve.
  • Attend the Corte Madera Farmers' Market.
  • Explore nearby Ring Mountain Preserve.

Southern Marin County is a tapestry of coastal beauty, cultural richness, and diverse lifestyles. These five towns showcase the area's unique character, providing something for everyone. Whether you're a homebuyer seeking a serene retreat or a seller looking to showcase your property's allure, Southern Marin County is a slice of California paradise waiting to be discovered.

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